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Market Data Analytics

Reliable Market Data and Analytics for innovative Global Value Chains Assessing

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Service Description

ASK TO CONTRACT access to innovative Global Value Chains markets official open data and/or their analytics using state of art AI (Artificial Intelligence) & BI (Business Intelligence) techniques, such as bots and data mining apps all for faithfully supporting client plans to positioning in such a market, e.g. exclusive web scraping bots for consolidation of data from existing BR O&G supply contracts for analysis and evaluation of products and suppliers installed base. Data & Analytics are delivered on an as required per equipments / materials / services basis. As a sample of what we can do for you on Analytics, please download Tweel the Sentiment Analysis on Twitter app Android trial version 1.0: English @ Portuguese @ Tweel can help you on measuring real-time opinions, feelings and trends in Twitter to get valuable insights on how people are talking about your company, products, brands and projects like Supplying for Brazilian O&G, as a basis for tuning actions, directions, issues and policies. With more than 320 million active users sending a daily average of 500 million Tweets, it allows businesses to reach a broad audience and connect with customers without intermediaries. Scanning Tweets with Tweel Machine Learning algorithm, negative content detrimental for your brands can be early detected avoiding it goes viral, otherwise you might end up with an unexpected PR crisis. Another example of Lyntek Analytics tools offered as a consulting service is a web scraping bot including a friendly GUI(*), to reach, download and work out the open-data from the main state-owned Brazilian contractor with current E&P equipments, materials and services supplying contracts history through product, vendor, date, amount and value for each one. Such resulting database including characteristics of the already made supplyings, allows setting up options for brand new supplies to the Brazilian E&P market on great competitive advantages. (*) Web Scraping uses bots running a Data Mining algorithm to extract content and data from websites and unlike screen scraping, which only copies pixels displayed onscreen, WS extracts underlying HTML code, including data stored in a database. To know Tweel full Android or Windows versions, or the Brazilian E&P Supplying Data Web Scraping Bot, or many other Lyntek Analytics tools as well, we will be glad hearing from you on below contact directions.

Cancellation Policy

Fv verificar a Política de Agendamento para condições e prazos de reagendamento e cancelamento.

Contact Details

+55 21 99860-8704

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