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Repetro Sped Masterclass – Professional training on the Brazilian tax & customs regime for tax waiving to O&G’s E&P equipment supply.




REPETRO makes feasible the supply of equipment and materials, such as platforms and vessels to the Exploration & Production of Oil&Gas in Brazil.

Without it, oil companies and their service providers should pay US$ billions in taxes, turning out unfeasible the oil & natural gas production in Brazil, i.e. Petrobras, the Brazilian state-owned oil company would become insolvent and foreign companies should invest abroad, where granting of similar tax benefits is standard.

Therefore, this theme is of utmost interest for oil companies and their operational service providers, as well as to providers of secondary services such as logistics, customs, legal, consulting.


In this course, the participants go from learning to immersion in details of this tax incentive so important to Brazilian operations. And as graduates from lectures of Prof. Gláucio Bastos, this regime’s recognized expert, they become highly qualified to conquer or evolve in one of the coveted REPETRO specialist‘s job vacancies offered by all this market important companies.

There is no updated literature available on the market for this subject, because its laws and rules are constantly going changed. So, since its 1st edition almost 20 years ago the course material has constantly and regularly been updated, according to the change dynamics.

Buyers will get a link to download over 200 annotated presentation slides in .ppsx file, in addition to over 30 MB of all other material media on latest update version at Checkout Thank You page, along with an emailed link lasting for 30 days.


For all these years and monthly amassing large influx of applications at several face-to-face and online classes, the course has continuously been applied by the Engineer, Auditor and MBA Gláucio Bastos, an Oil&Gas specialist.

You get attending certificate, 7 DAYS warranty and 100% secure payment. Visit the homepage and know everything else we have continuously done for the Brazilian Oil&Gas, by checking out the testimonials from managers and experts we graduated.


Maker: Gláucio Bastos - post-graduate Chemical Engineer from Brazil’s renowned Rio de Janeiro University, MBA from Brazil’s main business school Fundação Getúlio Vargas (2008), former Brazilian Federal Revenue’s Tax Auditor (1997), former Petrobras’ Trade and Supply Analyst (1985-95), currently retired specialist in the subject and all its developments along the Oil&Gas sector related branches.


Production, development and operation: Lyntek.





 Module I

• Concept and purposes

- The definition and application of the Regime on a political model

• Modes

- New forms of Regime admission versus Generic Temporary Admission

• Application

- Situations treated and admissible assets, including limitations and difficulties imposed on waiver and at the same time its structure for promotion of E&P operations ran in Brazil, considering rules such as local content and differentiated tax levy between federal and state spheres

• Procedures and paperwork flow

- Enabling, concession, import clearance, extension and extinction

• Restrictions

- Deadlines, tax controls, violations and penalties

• Operational facilities

- Drawback, Fictious Exit Export, Supplies shared use, Assets out of operation, Links to Repetro Industrialization


 Module II

• Case study: Controversial situations and the predominant knowledge

- Marketing aspects, including consequences from the new ANP bidding round and the Local Content;

- Regime admission turn down with assets stray to consumption import;

- Divergences between the admitted supply and the one showed on regime extinction;

- Events subject to fine levying for delay to comply with deadlines;

- The Customs Warehouse Regime applied to platforms under construction on shipyards;

- IRPJ tax levy on remittances abroad for platforms chartering payment;

- ICMS levy by the States;

- Other situations related to customs procedures.


 Module III

• Ruling legislation

- The Repetro Sped legal rules.


Repetro Sped Masterclasses – Slides notes, with text&lawbooks plus,English

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