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Repetro SCRM Masterclass – E&P equipment supply chain risk management by Brazilian tax regime for O&G.


SCRM professional training in English language.




• I. Introduction


• II. Concepts

1. Dangers and risks affecting the supply chain

2. Negative and positive risks

3. Operational and financial risks


• III. Logistics Chain Risk Management

4. Planning

4.1 Identification: management views and types of risks

4.2. Assessment: probability vs. impact

4.3. Mitigation

5. Execution

5.1 Scan

5.2 Response

5.3 Measurement: Value at Risk (VaR), risk preferences, utility function, resilience

6. Case studies


• IV. Mitigation Strategies

7. Operational

8. Operational / financial

9. According to risk preference

10. Operational hedging

11. Financial hedging

12. Measures to avoid chain interruption


• V. Repetro Sped Case: methodology consolidation by applying analysis and result procedures to the Repetro Sped Logistics Chain using computational tools

13. Risks categorization

14. Defining business standards and processes

15. Bayesian Analysis principles

16. The Monte Carlo simulation method via the Markovian Chain (MCMC)

17. Analytical tools

18. Automated model construction from unbalanced operational data enhanced by expert knowledge

19. Analysis of risk factors probabilities

20. Analysis of risk factors impacts

21. Definition and choice of mitigation strategies regarding their costs and effects

22. Results and conclusions

Repetro SCRM Masterclass – Slides no notes, no text&lawbooks, English vs.

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