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Full support on supplying to and
from undertakings in Brazil & Italy


Reasons. Since 2000, Lyntek has been worldwide providing a pack of professional services to cast the best practices on equipment, material and services supplying to Brazilian Oil&Gas E&P, whose unique features stand out in current world market as a no-brainer for playing on from its large reserves headed primarily to supply the huge domestic consumer market by government politics and massive investments which have turned even the not-so-attractive projects into national businesses big boosters whose open-data are available from public service local transparency laws making up a set of realistic benchmarks. A very similar path has been tracked by that industry in Italy, which made it up as a traditional and highly qualified supplier of up-to-date equipment and services. Now on such transition times, both countries keep successfully coping with the new worldwide energy demands and challenges on passing through flip to evolve for a better new world more smart, cleaner and efficient as the most promising Green Energy production leaders, from either extensive and well distributed resources, or wise and on-time grabbing of state-of-the-art technologies necessary to set this flourishing brand new national equipment industry up from locally available key technical and economic factors. As a result, local and international companies come expanding investment plans to Brazil & Italy, accordingly new industrial plants are built, there are more jobs, the supply and technology chains are more developed, labor qualification increases and the whole economy strengthens. Other exciting business venues may benefit from all this wisdom Lyntek has been coming across this way, as well.

Resources. INOV8LOG as a double-meaning decisive action of INNOVATION applicable to both cause-effect factors - the Scientific LOGics resources take-in for a LOGistics process yielding, as a result. Supplying from either external or local sources since the planning stage, focus has always been on organization goals achievement by best tracks. That is delivered as a package of exclusive and responsive tools, guides, reports and customized services ranging from main information, forecasts and practical step by step guidance, to bids and legal requirements through responsive wise Marketwatch applying innovative solutions by state-of-art Analytics and properly going through precise fast Channels to reaching out, not forgetting Coaching for client crystal clear knowledge updating. All such resources are wrapped up in dual English - Portuguese versions, including Business License discounts for enhanced tools group sharing.

Results. By efficient, results-driven customer relationship and work forces joining to figure out specific supplying demand from production strategic planning analysis for customized proactive actions, including demand proposals to overcome any technical, legal, administrative and political hurdles likely remaining on local business or whatever more is needed to smooth and secure effective deploy for the by all means completely feasible projects forwarded along already developed straight access competent channels with real, final and favorable decision-making power, thanks to their properly elaborated pitch to highlight undertakings full benefits and improvements for local economy. Be our guest here to enjoy this approach as a full set of tools for learning and applying the best strategies to boost profits on this and other flourishing venues.

Summing up, Lyntek at Italy and Brazil advises, implements and runs Logistics and International Trade projects from external and internal sources applying technological resources, standing the Energy segment out from the experience and knowledge amassed in Brazilian market for 25 years, to provide global, effective and agile solutions in market research, customer networking, design, worldwide operations running through the whole chain, risk management, technical support and coaching, on Artificial Intelligence analytics and Smart Contracts, and full compliance with local rules and best practices from customs to final product delivery.

Partaking to bring Investments

About the Brazil’s Business Environment, we are very committed to its ascension and for that, the OUR LEGAL SHOT or NOSSA INICIATIVA LEGAL Project is our best bet!

In that, we make available to our customers a complete Platform, for their quick, easy and integrated access to all required resources for the selection, analysis, presentation and debate of legislative suggestions at the Brazilian Parliament, on social, economic and political issues interesting to them, applying legal instruments fully in force and ready to use, which spur the broad and direct legislative participation of the Brazilian society, including support from the most experienced and qualified professionals in their respective topic necessary to make the proposals into laws successfully, aiming those economic and social moves so essential to leverage the Brazil's sustainable growth, and therefore, its attractiveness to investments.

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The tool branches offered provide exceptional services catered specifically to client needs, with everything aimed at safely growing profits. Wade deep them and feel free to get in touch as well for immediate results achievement.

Marketwatch ...

... for delivering updated data on supplies to figure out who is who in Bizz as source to build market research, including latest tendencies and events on risk management to assess real impact not only on existing external or local investments but on future plans and strategies as well.

Analytics ...

... for getting valuable insights on supply deals history to learn on over and under provided items, including state of art Artificial Intelligence resources including efficient Smart Contracts and off-the-box solutions empowering capabilities to  reaching out the best decisions.

Team Discussion

Channels ...

... for exploring best routes amongst local culture intricacies to streamline costs and efforts overcoming random paperwork hurdles as well always under strict legal compliance mode for boosting achievements in project timing and performance.

Coaching ...

... for overviewing the other tools to learn on going through most straight and profitable ways, methods and strategies, sideviewing local business specifics and risks to secure the safe and sound final purpose, from e.g. renowned masterclasses on customs or tax benefits rules. 


What’s Being Said

For over 100 years, the American Chamber of Commerce for Brazil works to stimulate business relationships and create opportunities for new partnerships, integrating entrepreneurs and executives from different areas, especially in the oil and gas sector.


AmCham values the important contribution of Lyntek to promoting trade and investment between Brazil and other markets, especially the United States, through its effective tools such as the Lyntek Store, which help companies to find business opportunities.

Pedro Jorge Spadale

Executive Manager of AmCham Rio de Janeiro

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The Oil & Gas market in Brazil mainly Rio de Janeiro one, needs innovative solutions to sort old problems out.

The Brazilian Institute of Finance Executives - IBEF in Rio de Janeiro fully supports actions for oil and gas industry development in Brazil and believes cutting-edge technology is one of the main strategies for this sector success.

The Lyntek Store is such a solution example to this current scenario challenges.

                                Marcos Varejão

Secretary-general of IBEF Rio de Janeiro

Ibef white.png

On mid-2017 while deep changes were resetting the Customs Regime, I had the honor to meet Gláucio as Repetro Course teacher. Besides leading his attendees quite well on such transition time, he was always willing to help and transfer knowledge and experience. I also highlight his commitment and care to several Oil & Gas industry complex topics.

The Lyntek Store adds a lot on technical capacity to Brazilian Energy market, as long as he and his team for sure keep going as a relevant source for reference and advising on the theme from basic to advanced levels.

Alexandra Soilho
Tax Specialist at Eneva


       Meet the Master

young attractive and confident successfu

   Gláucio 'Tony' Bastos, Ch.E., M.B.A.

Repetro Industrialization